Dates and Registration

You can register for any date. Your Faculty may accept only specific dates – make sure to check your Faculty’s requirements. If you participate more than once, only the best result will be counted. If your university wants more subjects, you can take them in one or different dates. 


Date Subjects
11 December 2021 OSP, ZSV, VŠP
4 February 2022 GAP , OSP, ZSV, MAT, VŠP
5 March 2022 GAP , OSP, ZSV, MAT, VŠP, AJ
2 April 2022 OSP, ZSV, MAT, Bi, Ch, AJ, NJ, ŠJ, VŠP, TESA
30 April 2022 GAP , OSP, ZSV, MAT, Bi, Ch, AJ, NJ, ŠJ, VŠP, ZSV ES, TESA
21 May 2022 OSP, ZSV, VŠP, Bi, Ch, Aj, ZSV ES

GAP = test of General Academic Prerequisites in English 

Registration fee for one exam: 21 € 

Preliminary registration 


How to take the exam 


Natinal Comparative Exams take place in many cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


All exams will be available online at the same dates and times as on-site testing. You will use your own PC/Mac. Online exams will include AI proctoring and/or remote supervision ensuring transparency and comparability.



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